About Us

Our mission is to provide a comfortable place for people touched by cancer to find non-clinical support, resources, education and a sense of community. We are committed to the power of community and we understand that cancer is too overwhelming and complex to face alone. Our programs are free of charge, to eliminate possible barriers.


Our evidence‐based programs focus on providing support and information for managing cancer‐related stressors with a variety of tools that are easily used anytime and anywhere. These practices and techniques can reduce symptoms and side effects of treatments, boost energy levels and support cancer survivors and their families and friends during, after and beyond treatment.

Update from Mike Ling, Cancer Connection Idaho Board Chairman

“…As TCCI grows, so does our need for longer-term sustainability. With a clear and focused strategic plan, a solid programmatic foundation and an engaged board and staff, we are preparing for the next step in our organizational growth.” – Read More