Research indicates that the quality of life is much improved among people dealing with cancer if they receive emotional support and education about how to stay healthy during the cancer journey. The Cancer Connection Idaho is dedicated to providing education in the form of large community events as well as Educational Talks and Healthy Lifestyle Workshops.


The Cancer Connection Idaho offers opportunities for individuals and entire families to connect with others who are facing similar life challenges.


Here are a few guidelines to enhance your experience using on-line resources. We have listed some of the best support resources that we know about and will continue to search for more to share with you.

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Luana Lamkin, RN, MPH

I am committed to the idea that The Cancer Connection Idaho will provide free services to those in need in collaboration with all our fine health care facilities and practitioners in the Treasure Valley. There is more than enough heartache to go around and more than enough energy in our valley to help mend the heartache.

Andy Simonds

Physical and emotional changes can have a huge effect in our lives. It is my goal to encourage those affected to embrace the positive side. It can far outweigh the negative.

Prom Night

Prom night!!

Dr. Sharon Katz

My son-in-law was diagnosed with mouth cancer. I spent a month in the UK during and after his extensive surgery. I didn’t know anyone there and was pretty much on my own in a foreign country without my support system. But during that month away, the importance of having a community was brought home to me in a very personal way.

Lori Mers

My hope for The Cancer Connection is that we can help others as they embark on such an unfamiliar journey and I know that our family will directly benefit from the resources offered in this new resource.